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Date:   July 23, 2014
To:      Life Members
From:  The Steering Committee  

RE:      Life Membership Benefits Scheme

The Life Membership Benefits Scheme committee comprising of Members: Joseph Glasgow, Colin Abdool  and  Lennox  Pyle is pleased to inform
you that enrollment for the benefits year 2014 to 2015 was closed on June 30th 2014 as stipulated in previous correspondence.

Thirty-seven (37) members are enrolled in the scheme and in the event of an unforeseen misfortune, are now entitled to the benefits as outlined in the
package.  This period of benefits entitlement ends on June 30th 2015.

Enrollment for the next benefit period (2015 - 2016) will commence on May 1, 2015 and ends on June 30, 2015. Benefits for those who enroll will
again commence on July 1, 2015.


a. Death of participating member                $1,000.00

b. Death of participating member’s spouse  $   500.00

c. Death of participating member’s child     $   500.00

d. Disaster relief as outlined                        $   500.00

e. 25% discount on hall donation

Sincerely yours,
Joseph Glasgow  
(for the committee)  
Assemblywoman Titus announces 12th Annual Senior Appreciation Week.

New York State Assemblywoman Michele R. Titus of the 31st Assembly District (Queens), in conjunction with other area elected officials recently
announced her sponsorship of a series of events celebrating our senior citizens' achievements and continued contributions to the community.
This year, as previously, Assemblywoman Titus has graciously invited the XGDF of NY to participate in the planned activities. Please see
correspondence and lists of events sent to us from her office.

All our members and friends are urged to participate.

See attached flyer1
 attached flyer 2
 attached flyer 3
Lt Col George Gomes, President of the recently inaugurated Guyana Veterans Legion, visited with the XGDF Association of NY on Sunday 21st
September during our scheduled monthly meeting. In an invited address, he explained the merging of the XGDF of Guyana and the Guyana Legion
into what is now the Guyana Veterans Legion; and how this merger now better serves our WW2 veterans and ex members of the GDF. He
highlighted the deplorable condition of the Legion Hall which now badly needs repairs and revealed that because there is no state budget for
assistance to veterans in Guyana, all repair and maintenance costs will have to be funded through the efforts of the Legion. He stressed that the
welfare of Guyana's veterans and particularly the "shut-ins"should be of concern to all and made a stirring plea for monetary and material help. He
invited all ex GDF personnel to become financial members of the new body (Interested persons may contact Johnny Glasgow Tele.
347-538-4943.) In thanking XGDF of NY for honoring its annual pledge of Guy$100, 000 without fail for the past 13 years he expressed the hope
that others would do the same. Following his address Lt Col Gomes was presented with this year's contribution of US$500 by Ms Cheryl Tappin
President of XGDF, NY.

Submitted by. J. Glasgow
Picture shows Miss Cheryl Tappin President of XGDF Association NY handing over the Association's
2014 contribution to Lt Col George Gomes (ret.) President of the Guyana Veterans Legion.
                                                  TRIBUTE TO THE LATE  
                                             CAPTAIN KENRICK 'SKEETE' HENDERSEN
                                                     (GUYANA NATIONAL SERVICE)
By: Colonel Desmond T. Roberts

I was shocked when I heard of Kenrick Henderson's (I knew him better as Skeete) passing.  

Our association went back as far as 1966. In those days there was the Special Service
Unit (SSU) which, when it was dissolved, allowed its members to opt to join either the Guyana Police Force (GPF) or
the Guyana Defence Force. The SSU was a hybrid organization, training for Police (Emergency) duties and being
administered by the GPF but formed the base of the GDF from its barracks in Thomas Lands. The British Guiana
Volunteer Force (BGVF) was the only other uniformed group that had any pretensions to a military profile. Members
of the BGVF were also offered opportunities to serve in the new Guyana Defence Force.  

Those who converted to the GDF followed the British military traditions. One of those traditions was the selection of
the very best soldiers to be 'batmen' to officers. Batmen had two incarnations - one in war and one in peacetime. In
war, in the pre-21st century days, officers needed batmen, whose connection to the officer was well understood and
respected, to carry important messages and instructions to subordinate officers and units. It was a dangerous job
which required courage, confidence and intelligence. In peacetime, a batman was an aide to officers; would work
closely and associate with them; and with whom they presumably developed a good relationship and got to know the
other officers and their peculiarities (and the officers got to know the batmen). I consider all peacetime activity a
preparation for war.   

My first batman was George Angoy; Ramesh Narine's was the late Captain Richard Cummings. We did not keep these
soldiers but invariably sent them off on the first promotion courses; they were usually the best soldiers that were
assigned to you by sergeants and warrant officers. My first GDF batman was Private Kenrick Skeete who was quiet,
efficient, intelligent, strong, fit, reliable and very courteous. He would also be sent on promotional course and onto
greater heights.

Kenrick Skeete Henderson served with me again as a Sergeant in the GDF and as a Sergeant, Warrant Officer and a
Captain in the Guyana National Service (GNS). Some would consider service on GNS centers as more stressful than
in the Army: Numbers supervised were larger; periods away from one's family were longer; and the tasks required to
be accomplished were many and quite different from one's original training.
Officers and Senior NCOs had to have both the intelligence and maturity to adapt to changing conditions as well as
being the firm, caring but resolute father figure to the thousands of youths that were one's responsibility.

Kenrick was perfect for this role. With his lily white smile and receptive eyes, he listened but was never fooled. He
achieved his objectives without having to humiliate young men and women. Later he would also bring his intellect and
organizing ability to center administration where hundreds and sometimes thousands of youths and staff depended on
the senior officer's logistical and management clout; and ability to elicit supplies out of regional political officials or
GNS supply systems.

I last saw Kenrick at the funeral of another stalwart officer, David Barker. I tried to persuade Kenrick to participate in
the activities of the Diaspora GNS and GDF organizations. He said that he would try but was clearly more concerned
with supplying his family's needs in this new environment.

Kenrick is another glorious part of our Guyana Defence Force and Guyana National Service history that we have lost.
He was an upstanding man of great character and his loss will be deeply felt by all who knew him well.  
May his soul rest in peace.

Desmond T. Roberts
September 2014
On Sunday September 28th 2014, the family of the late Donald "Pine" Milne in collaboration with the New York Dominoes Association, hosted the 3rd
annual Dominoes Tournament in honor of his memory at the XGDF Association Hall. Donald, who passed away in 2010 was an ardent dominoes player
and a founder member of NYDA. A skillful tactician of the game "Pine" as he was fondly called often mesmerized opponents with his cunning and guile.
The tournament began with welcome remarks by Pine's son Ronald who spoke of his father's love of family, community and dominoes. He expressed
the family's gratitude to the participants and supporters for helping to preserve his father's memory and legacy in the sport of dominoes. After a somber
minute of silence the competition began in earnest. Seven teams participated in the tournament namely Hammies, XGDF, Umpires, United, Lightning,
Phoenix and Attackers. At the end, after keenly contested games, Attackers with a total of 80 points edged out XGDF's 79 points to win the Champions
Trophy. Umpires placed third. The Most Valuable Player of the tournament was Mr Skip Moore. He along with the six other top scorers of each team
were presented with MVP trophies. Presenting the trophies was Pine's daughter Ms Vilma Small assisted by her husband Mr O'neal Small
Addressing the full house Ms Small thanked the XGDF Association for making its hall available and congratulated all who participated in the success of
the tournament. The president of the NYDA also addressed the audience and opined that Pine, because of his dynamic personality and sterling
contribution to the sport will never be forgotten.

Submitted by J Glasgow

Captain 'Skeete' Henderson